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Realtop meso lift mesotherapy needle free injection skin rejuvenation machine
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Realtop meso lift mesotherapy needle free injection skin rejuvenation machine

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Realtop meso lift mesotherapy needle free injection skin rejuvenation machine

Working Principle :

Needle-free Meso therapy can replace a needle Meso therapy, use of water infiltration electrophoresis technology, uniform, comprehensive, in-depth the active ingredients or nutrients directly to the skin needed quickly absorbed by the skin tissue from the surface have a significant effect. Compared with the pure beauty, no plastic needle the United States an effective therapy significantly increased the absorption rate. Basic skin care will solve all the barriers faced by the film and transdermal absorption of the problem, the results of the rejuvenation of the skin could soon be a reality, greatly shortened the course, as the 2008-2012 one of the major highlights of beauty.

Electroporation: directly on the skin, can instantly enhance the permeability of skin tissue. In the shock under the influence of the lipid layer of cells forming shock hole. Hole formed in the shock, while making the original cells can not be absorbed and hydrophilic molecules can penetrate into the cell interior. Penetration of energy technologies using electrophoresis to open the cell membrane water channels, cell membrane permeability through the hair follicles, sweat glands and the cuticle, in order to promote circulation.      

Electro-osmosis: The main act on the molecules will be scattered De substances to help them successfully penetrate into the skin and within the mutually exclusive nature of the same charge, for example, exert positive nutritional elements are current nutritional elements can be pushed into the skin. At this point, the neutral molecule has a penetration into the skin and internal. The role of the electrophoresis cell membrane under the temporary physical process of porous, resulting in the exchange of intracellular molecules increased significantly with use of cell absorption of various drugs, genetic material, proteins and other macromolecules, etc. Dianchang porous Guanbi and will not be canceled any impact on the cells

Function Instrument:

1. Whitening wrinkle removing

2. To enhance, tighten

3. Sculpture facial contours

4. Convergence chin

5. Remove neck lines

6. Shrink pores, calm, anti-allergy

7. To improve the eye problems (eye tail lines, eye bags, dark circles)


Nursing Operation:

1, skin cleaning: Use uninstall liquid cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin and grease and dirt.
2, skin perforation: perforation of the first use of the role of Fuwa and human skin, if it is water-soluble product, use the needle into the hole head inside Fuwa; if non-water soluble products (such as cream, with miles, gel, etc.), then the first Products distributed uniformly in the skin surface, and then use the full range of massage head Fuwa perforation, open pores, there is no record open up the inner cell channels, the skin produces shock hole, while the product into the skin surface, to be well broken needle-free preparation, operation of the forehead, the slanting operation of the probe, the two contacts with the edge of the operation can be. (Half of the face to use for 5 minutes)   
3, no needle broken: induction hammer energy customers both hands, beauticians, needle-free skin broken head acting on the customer, in turn adjust the energy intensity of Hammer Strength and broken heads, to have been absorbed into the essence of the skin surface through electrical blow hole deep into the skin until the cell lining, skin deep passive absorption, so the best beauty salon results in one step. (Half of the face using the time was 10 minutes; acting on the forehead, the energy intensity adjusted to 1-4 files hammer, broken head and strength of 4-6 files. Note: Please no needle after operation broken head strength conditioning for the "00 ")
4, frozen skin: product injection, in order to make nutrition easy loss, and volatile, with a smart head and make the skin closed closed compact, closed electric shock hole, so that nutrients in the skin the most perfect consolidation. (Half of the face to use for 5 minutes)
5, facial deposited films: the whole face broken needle-free instrument operation, after completion, before putting the layer mask (based on project selection), play a consolidating effect, calm the skin. (Entire face for 10 minutes)
6, eye beautification: the energy sensor hammer pin connector never broken below the first connection hole for connecting the first hole to the bottom of the eye gel electrophoresis, the customer both hands to hold the energy sensor hammer, according to customer need eye care projects , with corresponding essence, nutrients, head of minimally invasive techniques using electrophoresis comprehensive eye wipe eye wrinkles, eliminate eye bags, dark circles, relieve eye fatigue, back to your beautiful eyes, a pair of youth. (Single course of treatment, an eye operation time of 10 minutes)


1.Attention to the current intensity shoulde be suitable for the skin of the guests.

2.In the process of skin care should maintain adequate product.

3.Guests should not wear metal jewelry.

4.There can not be operation in the wound and inflammation skin.

5.Do not act on the top eye, adam’s apple, part of the heart.


Not applicable people :

1.There are heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid, asthma, oncosis, fever, acute disease, infectious disease, cancer patients.

2. Metal implanted in the body of the people.

3.There are wounds, inflammation, bleeding people.

4.Pregnant women.

5.In the menstrual period should not be used in the abdomen.

6.Body edema, abnormal immune system.

7.Medical plastic use of the parts of the silica gel.





Cool temperature:-4℃

Microcurrent out:16v

Material:aluminum foil


Packing size :52*35*22cm

Picture show:

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